Kiosk Acceptance

Fast Check-In & Check-Out

with QR code for scheduled visits

Host notification

email alert to employee on visitors arrival

Kiosk Registration

Self Registration

for unscheduled visits, providing host notifications

Acceptance notification

visitor notification with host response

Kiosk Privacy and Security Information

Privacy and security information

inform visitors about the privacy policy and security evacuation procedure

Web visits manager

Attendance Desk

create and manage scheduled/unscheduled visits, set check-in/out and navigate visits history for all Employees


create and manage his/her own vists, accept/reject unscheduled visits

Outlook integration

Manage Visits

easily send scheduled visit invitation creating a meeting through Outlook



Reporting module with analytic “dashboards” about visits analysis: visits duration, visitors and hosts frequency…

And Much More

Manage Locations

Visitor Relations

Remote Training

Manage Employee List


Language Selection



Privacy Policy & GDPR

Pricing List